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Interactive map for shopping centers

Softwerke company has finished the core functionality of the project Navigator — the interactive map for shopping malls.

The application will allow the malls visitors to find the way in any place of a shopping mall with help of their mobile phones without wasting their time.

The data is downloaded once with initial application update, then users can use the app without Internet connection.

The target audience of this project is different shopping malls of various specializations, which are interested in optimization of providing the information to the visitors; this can be both navigation and information about sales (news, actions, discounts, addresses, time of work, etc.).

The project Navigator — Interactive Map meets the requirements of shopping malls’ owners, malls’ tenants and visitors and offers a modern solution with usage of mobile technologies (iOS, Android).

Our future plans are to add to the map interactive path finder inside any mall and release a demo version of a maps editor.

Here you can find a demo version of the app client part in the view mode: http://navigator.soft-werke.com/