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History and achievements

The Softwerke company was founded in 2005 in St. Petersburg. The first clients were German IT companies that use subcontracting for projects. Today, Softwerke is engaged in both the development of websites and mobile applications to order, and the creation of its own products. The company has more than 50 employees and works with customers from Russia, Europe and Asia.


Softwerke's strengths are savvy professionals and adaptive project management. We are not approached for template solutions, so we carefully consider the planning of each individual project. For each of the key technological areas, Softwerk has expert-level specialists. The experience accumulated in the company allows us to create reliable and durable IT solutions that fully meet the requirements and expectations of users. Therefore, customers recommend Softwerke as a team that creates high-quality software.

A special place in the portfolio of Softwerke is occupied by the development of web portals using Java Enterprise technologies, Adobe Experience Manager, Liferay and WordPress platforms. For 17 years, Softwerke has developed a large number of corporate portals and specialized web applications that help our clients solve their business problems.

Key clients and partners

Softwerke's management team has personal experience in software development, so the company knows how to create optimal conditions for the productive work of programmers. The team includes both experienced developers and managers, as well as capable young people. Softwerke cooperates with ITMO University and other leading technical universities in St. Petersburg. More than 50 students have completed internships and prepared for successful defense of graduation theses. Many of the graduates then chose to work at Softwerk to start their careers.

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Awards and certificates

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Winner of SAP Coder in 2017 and 2018

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