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Development of portals and web applications

Development of portals and web applications

We create online platforms that help to communicate, exchange information and automate business processes.

The Softwerke company has been developing portals for more than 15 years.

We specialize in creating corporate portals that help improve internal communications and facilitate business management.

Our solutions are used by companies such as the German IT giant SAP SE or the large Russian brand Nevsky Cosmetics.

Portals are complex multi-page sites with multiple user roles and content types.


Technologies for portal development

The choice of technology depends on the specifics of the project, the requirements of the customer and the existing infrastructure.
A corporate, information or training system, an e-commerce platform, or an entire ecosystem of products and online services can be organized in the form of a portal.

  • WordPress
  • Liferay Portal
  • Adobe Experience Manager
  • Java Enterprise
WordPress is the world's most popular open source CMS


portal on a popular CMS


Liferay Portal - a platform for developing portal solutions

Liferay Portal

a platform for developing portal solutions


AEM is a premium platform for large businesses

Adobe Experience Manager

premium platform for large businesses


Java Enterprise Edition - individual portal development

Java Enterprise Edition

individual development of portals


Trust our experience
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Portal creation services



We will select a portal solution based on your needs, budget and product development strategy. At the consultation, you will learn about the pros and cons of different approaches in order to make a far-sighted and profitable decision.

Configuring the Portal


We will select a suitable platform and configure the portal to suit your needs. We will help you assign roles, connect services such as mail, meetings, tests and other internal resources. After completion of the work, we will prepare instructions and documentation for internal users and technical support of the project.

Individual development of the portal


If your product is unique and existing portal solutions are not suitable for managing it, we can develop an exclusive corporate portal in Java for you, taking into account all the features of your business.

Refinement and updating of portals


We will make sure that your system contains up-to-date updates and is reliable and secure. We will add new functionality to your product using modules, plugins and custom development and configure integrations. We will redesign and make the portal more user-friendly.

Migration of portals


We will prepare documentation and carefully transfer the functionality of your portal, existing content and your databases to a new, more efficient platform. We will refactor the corporate portal to make it safe, modern and supported.

Learn more about the development of portals and other technologies that we use in our work in our blog


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Upon request, we can show you examples of projects or organize a demo session of ready-made solutions.

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