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System Migration

System Migration

We migrate DataBase Management Systems (DBMS) and Content Management Systems (CMS) including careful examination of existing systems and after-migration support.

Migration from Oracle and MS SQL
to PostgreSQL and MySQL

We offer a migration of your existing Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server to open source PostgreSQL or MySQL database systems, and adapting accordingly IT systems and business applications connected to these databases. Such database migration is a way out of the vendor lock and allows to avoid license expenses.

Benefits of Open Source DBMS


Replacement for non open source software that is no longer available or is not supported or is only available with a limited support


Minimizing the risks of being dependent on proprietary software


Reducing maintenance costs


Better flexibility in system design and development

Migrate database with us

How we work

We perform migrations requiring only a minimal distraction of your resources. Each migration stage completes with a detailed report for you.


Audit of the existing
Oracle or MS SQL database


Examination of the current state of your Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server installation and of the related IT systems and business applications. Determining the complexity of the system.

Analysis of the configuration and parameters of database systems and of the related IT systems and business applications.

Checking whether backup and recovery setup is in place.


Development of the
optimal migration algorithm


Specifying and agreeing on migration requirements.

Development of the migration procedure and of the step-by-step migration instructions, considering also the possibility of adapting business processes, PostgreSQL or MySQL databases, related IT systems and business applications.

Preparing changes to support manuals and specification of after-migration operation and maintenance procedures for the RDBMS and related IT systems and business applications.




Preparation and execution of a dry run or test migration.

Checking the system after test migration.

Preparation and execution of the production migration.




Providing technical support.

Training customer’s staff on after-migration operations, maintenance processes and technologies of the RDBMS as well as related IT systems and business applications.

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