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Company History


Company continued projects for our main customers in 2020. Majority of services included development and support of the Java Enterprise based software. Automated testing, continuous integration and delivery as well as movement to the cloud became more trendy.

A long lasting project on redesign, new development and migration from Liferay 6.2 to 7.3 of the CIMS application for Consline AG successfully completed in the beginning of March.

Axapta development projects continued with our growing team being integrated into new customer's projects. Together with our customer we moved to the Agile management approach as a part of the major IT process transformation.

3D development included new printing tasks for 3D printers and remote printing queue management application.

Our company switched to a remote office Mar 17 before the official government COVID-19 carantine measures took place. Many employees continued working from home combining with visits to the safe office with certain restrictions. Moving to the remote office did not affect work-in-progress tasks but limited one-to-one communication. This disadvantage was compensated with Midweek events - informal online meetings every second Wednesday for all employees after their work day. 15-years company anniversary and New Year were also celebrated remotely.

Team leads, architects and senior developers united into the "Solution Architect Group" in April. The main goals of the group include estimation and comparison of the IT technologies and platforms, recommendations on the IT architecture solutions, creation of the special course of the internal "School of the System Architects".

Like previously several 3rd course students from major ITMO University departments attended the yearly company "practice". Some of student were invited to the summer internship programme. 3 students got their first part-time job in our company. An online meeting was held for the ITMO University students in the beginning of December where our employees shared their experience of working in Softwerke.

Nov 2022 Softwerke became the Adobe Bronze Solution Partner as a solution provider for Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) based websites.


Our company continued successful collaboration with the customers in the European market in long-term projects based on Java Enterprise, CMS AEM technologies and Liferay Portal. Such projects still are the core of the company portfolio.

New business area SCP Portal with use of SAP Cloud Platform» by the company SAP SE, which includes service SCP Portal for cloud corporate portals design, was launched. A new site that demonstrated capabilities of SCP Portal and Softwerke solutions on corporate integrative sites was designed.

The company continued support and optimization of the program for 3D print. More complete integration with Eyeshot graphics library was set up for higher speed response.

Softwerke developed a multi-platform mobile app for input data on configuration of wooden house building fasteners “on site”. According to the customer’s requirement, development was done in the Embarcadero software development.

In the end of the year, our company resumed provision of services on development and maintaining systems on ERP Axapta; a newly formed team started working in a remote mode after getting acquainted with the project on site.


This year the company has grown again. The turnover has exceeded 100 million rubles for the first time.

Softwerke continued to work with a large international IT company, keeping a stable reputation of the trusted supplier of high quality services, whose range is gradually expanding. This year several new long-term projects successfully started, including the one that employs Machine Learning technologies.

Throughout the year, as part of its cooperation with InBev/Efes company, Softwerke has developed 5 promo sites and 3 landing pages, based on the Adobe Experience Manager platform.

In February, users of Lingvomaster portal got the possibility to choose between two account options: Premium with extended rights, or Basic.

In March, our company has successfully completed an application development project, launched in 2017, for 3D polymeric printing. In the end, the maintenance contract was signed shortly after that.

In spring 2018, Softwerke participated in SAP Coder contest, arranged by SAP CIS, for the second time and got the second place in the nomination “Service for automated machine learning-assisted classification of fixed assets (OKOF codes)”. In the late 2018, we received a request from a large Russian enterprise to work out and implement this contest solution.

In June, the company got a license from St. Petersburg State Education Committee, enabling to provide distant educational services, and is now legally permitted to use Lingvomaster portal for this purpose.

A new project on migration to Liferay 7.2 platform and redesign of the existing portal was launched in October for a new customer.

Internal projects development infrastructure was significantly extended and improved, and new tools (Grafana/Telegraf/InfluxDB) for monitoring and analytics were implemented and rolled out.

The office working space was renovated in 2018, so several recreation rooms appeared, and furniture and office equipment was renewed. As the company grew, additional office space was rented in the Business center "Preobrazhenskiy" in December.

Our company continued to collaborate with the St. Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics on student internship and training programs. In 2018, six Bachelors and six Masters successfully did their thesis based on their work for Softwerke. As of 2018, we started to collaborate with the Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, another leading higher educational institution, and the students were offered full-time employment in the company after their summer internship.


A new portal for support of a big international IT company was established and set in operation step-by-step. The portal is managed by Adobe AEM 6.1. Its architecture was built in accordance with the best practices of AEM applications development.

Within the scope of cooperation with AO “Moscow-Efes Brewery” throughout 2017 our company developed 13 promo sites based on Adobe Experience Manager platform. All the sites are of different complexity degree and with its own technological specifics based on application logic.

In May, 2017 the company has accepted an order to develop an algorithmically complex application for 3D polymeric printing. The program was written in C#/.Net environment with help of WPF and dedicated graphical libraries. The first productive version was handed over to the customer in December.

In July Softwerke has rented additional premises in the Business Center "Preobrazhenskiy" due to growing up number of employees.

Our company started participating in project where Machine Learning technologies are applied. This project extended our corporate portfolio.

This year three new own development products were launched to automate our internal business processes: work time management, vacation planning, and business trips management.

Lingvomaster portal developed and is supported by the company has extended the set of tools for course authors. Brand new unique functionality “Speaking” was added to the portal. It allows teacher to check students’ oral skills directly on the portal and at any time.

Closer to end of the year a number of webinars on online teaching was arranged. Both - Russian speaking audience and teachers of German as a foreign language - took part in them.

The company continued its collaboration with the St. Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics in the area of student internship and training. In 2017 four Bachelors and two Masters who did their internship as part of company projects successfully defended their diploma thesis. Graduates were offered full-time employment. A new wave of third-year students started their internship. To be mentioned is the high technical level of 2017 trainees.

By the end of the year the number of employees exceeded 60 people.


In 2016 Softwerke extended the area of work with SAP SE company within the scope of a new direction which is frontend development on Fiori technology. The first project lasted the whole year and the collaboration in this technological direction was going on within the frame of new tasks.

In the first half of the year our company started to cooperate with "Brewery Moscow-Efes" JSC. During this year development team successfully fulfilled several projects of different scopes of work on Adobe Experience Manager platform.

In the beginning of 2016 a new version of our own product language portal Lingvomaster was released. In January new courses of English, German and French languages were added. These courses correspond to 5 levels of knowledge A1-C1 in CEFR system. During this year the portal became more practical and convenient; a new type of exercises (phonetic training) was added to it.

During November and December several language contests were held on Lingvomaster portal with the Softwerke support. They were arranged by the German language course Deutsch-Klub, language center English Life, language center Ultimate English, and Norwegian University Center in St. Petersburg.

In 2016 amount of employees in the company went beyond 50 people.


In 2015 Softwerke developed a corporate library of components and modules for projects in which CMS Adobe AEM is used.

The same year our company started to design Internet shops and add-on modules on Magento platform.

IT Deutsch language portal changed its name to Lingvomaster and a new portal version 2.1 was released. In order to fill the portal with content a competition "On-line author" was announced; 34 finished courses were prepared on the portal within the scope of this competition.

The company went on its collaboration with the St. Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics. In 2015 15 students underwent a practical training in the company and on its basis they made their degree works on Bachelor’s and Master’s programs of education. Five graduates continued regular work in the company.

In the fourth quarter of the year a group of programmers started to work on projects where a SAP Fiori platform is used.


In 2014 Softwerke continues fruitful collaboration with its customers expanding their expert knowledge in the area of mobile applications and such software products as Liferay and CQ5. Projects on web applications for iOS and Android development were successfully released.

Cooperation with students of universities also is going on. After finishing the practice-oriented course students stay in the company for the further work. During 2014 year 8 people from the students of upperclassmen or graduating students who underwent practice in Softwerke joined the staff of the company.


In 2013 the company started to participate in projects on NAHA and CMS Adobe CQ5 platforms.

In July, 2013 the company started to work in new direction - Microsoft Dynamic AXAPTA and became a service supplier for SPH AG company (Stuttgart), which developed and implemented solutions for customers working in the sphere of retail and mail-order trade.

The same year Softwerke started to develop an Application for mobile access to SAP R/3 including programming of special functions on ABAP.

Since 1 October, 2013 Softwerke rents additional premises in Business center "Preobrajensky", which allows increasing office space in two times and providing comfortable conditions for growing number of employees.


In January, 2012 the company moved to a new Business center "Preobrajensky".

Since July 2012 Softwerke cooperates with the St. Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics. Due to this fact students of the University have an opportunity to undergo a work practice and an internship and in case of their desire they can continue to work in the company after graduating from the university.

The same year the company started the new direction of work "Quality Assurance".

In 2012 Softwerke also successfully fulfilled the order of "Nevskaya Cosmetika" JSC connected with redesigning and porting to the Liferay platform of inner corporate web portal.


In 2011 the company starts to use platform Alfresco for project work.

A project of service software development on ABAP for the company VMS AG in Heidelberg (Germany) was successfully fulfilled for systems SAP R/3.

The same year Softwerke got the status "Preferred Supplier within Nearshore region" in SAP AG company.

The company started to work on 2nd Level Support (Techology Consulting).


In 2006 Softwerke started to work on SAP AG (Germany) orders and participate in projects connected with development and support of the customer products and systems in the portal technologies field.

During the following years cooperation with SAP AG gained the further successful development and became one of the clue factors of company growth.

Along with it Softwerke continues to fulfill the orders of Russian and German companies in software development area. The company works with such technologies as Java Enterprise, SAP NetWeaver, ABAP, and also PHP and WordPress.


Sofwerke company was founded on 26 May, 2005 and counted 5 people at that moment.

The company field of work is development and technical support of software for customers in foreign and Russian markets, creation of client-server systems and portal technologies solutions, providing services on software testing and applications users consulting.

German IT Companies which use outscoring for their IT projects became the first clients of the company.