Softwerke company has an experience in systems development and support on the basis of Activiti and Alfresco Process Services (BPM) and offers following services:

  • Development of ad-hoc applications for Business processes automatization with help of Activiti Process Engine from scratch;
  • Solutions development on the basis of Alfresco Process Services platform, which includes:
    • Integration with corporate infrastructure, for example Active Directory;
    • Description of business process model in BPMN language;
    • Development of extension modules for Activiti;
  • Maintenance of the existent solutions on the basis of Activiti and Alfresco Process Services.

What are Activiti and Alfresco Process Services (BPM)?

Activiti is an engine for business processes automatization. Business processes are described in BPMN language, which defines graphical notation and its representation in XML language. Activiti takes a business process and executes it: it creates copies of business processes in accordance with the description; creates and assigns tasks to their executors; it keeps the state of a process in a database, so one can check which tasks were performed, who and when did it, what the result of each completed task is. Besides that, Activiti initiates performance of service tasks which are stipulated by the process description, such as e-mails sending, printing out, sending information to other systems or vice versa receiving messages from off-site systems, etc.

It makes sense to use Activiti engine when developing an application or a system that will be used for collaborative work and needs to support some repetitive tasks (such as receiving and processing of various application forms). It makes sense to use Activity while realization of such an application or a system.

Alfresco Process Services (BPM) are a ready set of web applications on the basis of Activiti which allows creating and editing business processes description, defining a form for each step, in which executers can see input data for the step, put down the results of this step completion, start the process, look through their tasks or control the progress of the tasks assigned to the other participants of the process.

Alfresco Process Services can be used by both a business analyst, who automatizes a business process, and by participants of the process, whose job is an object of automatization. Thus, Alfresco Process Services is a general purpose tool which allows automatizing of a wide range of workflow routine tasks with relatively little efforts.