Developing Solutions based on SAP Cloud Platform Portal

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Demo Website


Our company specializes in developing business solutions based on SAP Cloud Platform (SCP) Portal and provides the following services in this area:

  • Creating a corporate website by SAP Portal ‘out-of-the-box’ means for the customer’s requirements implementation (configuration of offered services, integration with external systems, static content)
  • Custom layout development
  • Custom theme and styles development
  • Development of widgets that implement user interface
  • Development of applications that exchange data with external systems
  • Custom Workflow development
  • Integration with Headless CMS, development of content structure and content widgets

About SAP Cloud Platform (SCP)

SAP Cloud Platform (SCP) is a cloud corporate platform designed by SAP SE, based on PaaS Model (Platform as a Service). It comprises multiple services, API, development and integration tools enabling to create, integrate and enhance applications without extra costs on deployment and maintenance of internal IT infrastructure.

SCP includes ‘out-of-the-box’ services for mobile devices, Big Data services, Machine Learning, Internet-of-Things and a number of other innovative technologies to create business applications.

SCP is implemented in two diverse environments – Neo and Cloud Foundry. The choice of a particular environment is determined by a set of relevant SCP components and services.

Today SCP/Neo is hosted in the Data Centre in Moscow that enables customers to use SCP to develop business applications, with a total compliance with the Russian Federation legislation on keeping, using and processing data on the territory of the Russian Federation.

About SAP Cloud Platform Portal

It is one of SCP components used to build cloud corporate portals.
SCP Portal Advantages:

  • Development of cloud portals for employees, customers and partners of the company
  • Central access point to content and applications, regardless of the customer’s device
  • Development of websites, using personolized user interface
  • Structured and safe user access based on roles, modern standards and means of safe communication
  • Using of both SCP-based ‘out-of-the-box’ services as well as business applications, and custom solutions
  • Integration of SAP and external suppliers’ applications in a single interface

Scheme of SCP Portal Use

SCP Portal Sample

Demo Website

We have developed a demo website to represent key opportunities of SCP Portal:

  • A united content integration point comprised by the components from different sources and the website’s own static content
  • Use of SAP Cloud and On-Premise demo components along with our own components, aimed at public and corporate access
  • Special design of a website layout, header, footer, and theme-oriented styles
  • Localised Content
  • Structured User Access in accordance with role assignment