New functionality of Application for Vademecum

After the successful completion of the first version of program package “Furniture guide” development and launch of the site into production the collaboration with the company Vademecum was continued. Now the application presents several tens of furniture shopping centers in Moscow and Saint Petersburg. Additional functionality of the server application allows managing plans of shopping centers in different […]

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Web site for Vademecum

After the successful finalization of the 1st version of program package “Furniture guide” development cooperation with OOO Vademecum was prolonged. Softweke company got and fulfilled a new order for web site creation One can download mobile application “Furniture guide” for iOS and Android from the site, also it’s possible to find additional information about […]

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Successful realization of the project for company Nevskaya Cosmetika

Recently Softwerke has finished the work on the module “Knowledge control” implemented on the platform Liferay as a part of the internal portal of the company Nevskaya Cosmetika. The module enables users to check the employees’ knowledge in real-time mode and to analyze the informational and educational materials. Managers who are responsible for education can […]

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SAP Mobile Platform Presentation

Softwerke has a fixed tradition of internal presentations on different topics as a kind of best practices. An employee who is a specialist in a certain area shares his / her knowledge with colleagues. 25.07.2014 a new presentation of such kind took place. This time the topic of the presentation was SAP Mobile Platform (SMP), […]

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Pilot project: corporate German language courses

In the end of November, 2013 Softwerke started a pilot German language course from the very beginning (basic level). 9 people began to learn German informal (colloquial) language with elements of business and IT terminology. The whole course lasted 83 hours; the group had 1-hour-lessons 3 times a week. In the middle of May our […]

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The training and practical project 2014 is going on!

At the moment one more group of students has been formed for participation in the Softwerke Company training and practical project on programming in Java. It consists of 9 people. In the middle of June the group will start their lessons. The project will last until the middle of August. Now students of first 2 […]

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Site visitors’ inquiry

During the period from August till October 2013 an inquiry was carried out among visitors of the company site aiming to find out drawbacks and recommendations in order to improve the site. This inquiry provided us with a broad material, handling of which took long time. At the moment this work is finished. Participants of […]

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Additional premises

In October 2013 the company rented additional premises, which allows more comfotabe locating of working places and creating a reserve for further growing. The whole office space has increased twice and now counts 400 square meters.

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