Adobe Experience Manager

Adobe Experience Manager (ex-Adobe CQ5) is a leading content management system owned by Adobe Systems Inc. AEM is a part of the Adobe CQ Digital Marketing Suite which also includes Digital Asset Management, Marketing Campaign Management and many other services. AEM is targeted for websites with large amount of content. Content can be created and edited with the help of user-friendly online editing tools. Created content is then published to the separate AEM server (called Publish server) and optimized for fast access. This ensures both simplicity in creation and editing of published information as well as quick and safe rendering. Adobe AEM has a lot of integration APIs with internal services like analytics, tag management, image creation, marketing campaigns, etc. It is a Java-based solution built on open source software stack.


Alfresco is an open source Enterprise Content Management System, developed by Alfresco company. This system can be used for documents management, records management, web publications, group work and business processes in an organization Alfresco ECM has two editions. Alfresco Community is free of charge and is licensed under LGPL. Alfresco Enterprise edition (Alfresco One) is chargeable commercial version of the product; it is distributed under proprietary license, has an open source code and satisfies open standards. Alfresco provides wide opportunities for customization according to the clients needs thanks to the support of open standards and agreements: Java Content Repository API (JSR 170), portlets (JSR 168), Windows Share (SMB/CIFS), FTP, WebDAV; for authentication LDAP and Microsoft Active Directory are supported, Remote APIs allow clients connecting from a separate tier to communicate with the Alfresco content application server, .NET providers are implemented; all the system functions are accessible as web services, RSS is supported for subscriptions, full support of the OASIS standard CMIS is declared.

Alfresco Process Services

Activiti is an engine for business processes automatization. Business processes are described in BPMN language, which defines graphical notation and its representation in XML language. Activiti takes a business process and executes it: it creates copies of business processes in accordance with the description; creates and assigns tasks to their executors; it keeps the state of a process in a database, so one can check which tasks were performed, who and when did it, what the result of each completed task is. Besides that, Activiti initiates performance of service tasks which are stipulated by the process description, such as e-mails sending, printing out, sending information to other systems or vice versa receiving messages from off-site systems, etc. Alfresco Process Services (BPM) are a ready set of web applications on the basis of Activiti which allows creating and editing business processes description, defining a form for each step, in which executers can see input data for the step, put down the results of this step completion, start the process, look through their tasks or control the progress of the tasks assigned to the other participants of the process.

Liferay Portal

Liferay Portal is one of the leading web platforms for portal business solutions development. First of all Liferay Portal is considered to be a corporate portal solution but the platform can be used for other aims as well. The fact that this is an open source solution allows Liferay to progress quite fast and allows developers to change initial application functionality entirely in order to implement particularly specific solutions. The product along with solutions from IBM, Oracle, SAP and Microsoft takes leading positions according to the report Magic Quadrant for Horizontal Portals made by Gartner Company. This means it was endorsed for both characteristics - comprehensiveness of vision and implementability. For the moment, Liferay is one of the most widely distributed products of this type. The product keeps evolving. Currently Liferay Portal 7 is being developed actively. A lot of important innovations and improvements both - architectural and functional – are expected.

SAP NetWeaver Portal

SAP NetWeaver® is a platform for integration of different business applications developed by SAP SE.
  • The platform implements Enterprise Services Architecture which is the SAP conception on design of business applications on service base (SOA);
  • The platform represents a united integrated system designed on Java EE specifications and standards;
  • Java Application Server is the core of the platform, it performs functions of the Java and ABAP applications container;
  • The platform supports Internet standards HTTP, XML and web services and also provides compatibility with Microsoft .NET and Java EE environment;
  • SAP Netweaver integrates business oriented components developed by SAP together with third-party services and applications;
  • SAP NetWеaver is a replicable and adaptable solution aimed for big and medium companies.