Enterprise AEM library

This technical project contains OSGI components and services designed to be used across all CQ/AEM-based projects of a company. Components define general structure of site design elements and provide certain unification of user interface. Services contain integration code with corporate systems and some extensions of standard CQ services. The library also contains Redirect Rules Manager, solution for convenient editing redirects directly from AEM Author instance. This project simplifies and significantly improves code quality of AEM projects, lets developers avoid necessity to write similar functionality repeatedly and provides a foundation library of common site structure elements. Bootstrap Foundation Library.


Lingvomaster is a tool which allows teachers of foreign languages to create their own on-line courses and arrange remote educational process using them. The functionality of the portal Lingvomaster offers a full set of tools to create and publish different types of content. A course can be assembled in one place, on a single site exactly like a construction set. And this can dramatically reduce time and efforts spent by a course author. Development of Lingvomaster is carried out with taking into account responses and wishes of professional foreign languages teachers. For the moment the portal offers following tasks solutions:
  • Course students intake;
  • Shaping of learning groups with a fixed time of working;
  • Lessons’ planning;
  • Presenting of learning materials with use of different visual aids (texts, pictures, audio, video);
  • Training and control of such areas as vocabulary, grammar, listening, reading, writing, and speaking;
  • Monitoring of statistics and learning results of each student;
  • Communication with students with help of a built-in chat program;
  • Publishing of news and announcements in a special section of a course.
Lingvomaster portal based on Liferay Portal 6.2 CE GA4 platform was released to the web in June, 2015. At the moment more than 200 language courses of different volume and complexity levels are created on the portal; more than 1800 people study with help of it. The portal is also used for handling on-line competition and actions arranged by language schools together with Softwerke company.