• Portal program components development with use of frameworks and Portal API, DynPage,HTMLb, WebDynpro libraries;
  • Content management systems (CMS) development;
  • Development of portal separate components with use of Knowledge Management & Collaboration libraries — UI, API, Reporting API
  • Adaptation of portal themes and styles, portal layout customization according to the customer demand.

What is SAP NetWeaver®?

  • SAP NetWeaver® is a platform for integration of different business applications developed by SAP SE;
  • The platform implements Enterprise Services Architecture which is the SAP conception on design of business applications on service base (SOA);
  • The platform represents a united integrated system designed on Java EE specifications and standards;
  • Java Application Server is the core of the platform, it performs functions of the Java and ABAP applications container;
  • The platform supports Internet standards HTTP, XML and web services and also provides compatibility with Microsoft .NET and Java EE environment;
  • SAP Netweaver integrates business oriented components developed by SAP together with third-party services and applications;
  • SAP NetWеaver is a replicable and adaptable solution aimed for big and medium companies.

What is SAP NetWeaver® Portal?

  • SAP NetWeaver® Portal is a corporate WEB portal which works on the SAP NetWеaver platform and is included into its standard delivery;
  • The portal is oriented on providing company employees with access to the corporate data, applications and services; also it is oriented on providing content management and its mutual use means;
  • The portal provides the united access point to different business applications which can be both deployed on the portal and external;
  • The portal offers ample opportunities for adaptation to the customer needs, creation and deployment of users’ applications, design change.

Examples of our development on SAP NetWeaver® Portal platform.

  • Content management system (creation, edition and representation of content with use of united corporate styles and standards);
  • Applications for working with content (content upload to the portal, archiving of the outdated content, feedbacks, ratings etc. support);
  • Content regionalization: regions hierarchy support, linking between regions and portal users and representation of the respective content with a glance to the chosen region;
  • Applications for operations on big volume of content and for reports creation (copying of content big volume, changing of its characteristic, providing statistics);
  • Applications which perform business processes and users’ services (for example services of users’ registrations);
  • Settings of the portal layout, implementation of portal user theme.