Softwerke Company is experienced in systems development and support on Alfresco basis and offers the following services:

  • Installation and configuration of Alfresco;
  • Alfresco customizing: data model definition, business processes model definition;
  • Integration with corporate infrastructure including Active Directory, analytics system, etc.;
  • Development of Alfresco repository extensions
  • Development of extension modules for Alfresco Share
  • Support of existing Alfresco-based solutions

What is Alfresco

Alfresco is an open source Enterprise Content Management System, developed by Alfresco company. This system can be used for documents management, records management, web publications, group work and business processes in an organization

Alfresco ECM has two editions. Alfresco Community is free of charge and is licensed under LGPL. Alfresco Enterprise edition (Alfresco One) is chargeable commercial version of the product; it is distributed under proprietary license, has an open source code and satisfies open standards.

Alfresco provides wide opportunities for customization according to the clients needs thanks to the support of open standards and agreements: Java Content Repository API (JSR 170), portlets (JSR 168), Windows Share (SMB/CIFS), FTP, WebDAV; for authentication LDAP and Microsoft Active Directory are supported, Remote APIs allow clients connecting from a separate tier to communicate with the Alfresco content application server, .NET providers are implemented; all the system functions are accessible as web services, RSS is supported for subscriptions, full support of the OASIS standard CMIS is declared.