Proposed testing services

  1. Software documentation testability and consistency analysis.
    Product requirements will be analyzed to ensure completeness, consistency and testability. Requirements can be provided in any suitable format: business document, technical documentation, agile documentation (backlog).
  2. Development of software testing strategy
    Creation of testing plan at any stage of software development, expert estimation of man-hours required for testing.
  3. Functional software testing
    Complete testing of your product or service functionality. Once software development has been started, functional testing can be performed at any stage – from prototype and up to a version available for users.
  4. UI, localization, and software documentation testing.
    Comprehensive testing of your site look and feel.
  5. Software performance testing. 
    Testing how your software behaves under increased load conditions.

    • Load testing
    • Stability testing
  6. Independent acceptance testing
    Testing of already existing software on the basis of prepared acceptance tests or with development of own acceptance tests.

What will you get as a result of testing

  • Confidence in your own product.
  • Full information about the product state (list of verified components, known issues, estimated number of issues expected at the next development stage).
  • Summary of testing results (reports, list of found issues) in a format that would suit your requirements.
  • Full set of testing data, acceptance tests, and scripts we used.


Cost of testing

The price of any testing service depends on many factors (subject field, architecture complexity, requested quality level, availability of documentation, presence of a testing specialist on the customer’s side, need to embed testing cycle into development process etc.) and is calculated individually.