Services on Application Consulting.

Opposed to a fixed, once established process, which is kept unchanged, support is meant to be easily adjustable to necessary changes. These are the changes which are required by the Customer regarding either a new functionality or technical limitations. The service we offer is a combination of steps designed to help you establish a self-upgrading process that runs stably, smoothly and as much efficiently as possible.

The process consists of several stages.

  1. Volume of subjects to support evaluation, audit of the existent materials and practices, defining capacities required from the support side, and assistance in staffing.
  2. Knowledge Database establishment, selection of tools for accumulated Knowledge management, support documentation design.
  3. Designing a pattern of Incidents and Problems processing with focus on ITIL methodology compliance.
  4. Setting up the mechanism of continuous Knowledge transfers and Knowledge database updates.
  5. Setting up communication channels internally (between different levels of support) as well externally (between the Customer and support service provider).

 What will you get as a result of technical consulting?

  • Professional team with all necessary knowledge, that will be able to fulfill all support tasks in future.
  • The used methodology will not be cut off from the real life and after process launch it will not drop in efficiency due to specific character of your company and your business because all the settings will be made in the light of your requirements.
  • Working mechanism of continuous Knowledge transfers and updates.
  • Full information about the state of the process.
  • Necessary detailed documentation on support process in a suitable format.


How much does this service cost?

The cost of the service is calculated individually because it depends on many factors (volume of service, complexity of work, time spent of the preparation and also on the product itself).

Is it necessary to go through all the 5 stages?  

Only the first stage is obligatory. The necessity of all following stages will depend on the results of audit and aims of the Customer.