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SAP Mobile Platform Presentation

Softwerke has a fixed tradition of internal presentations on different topics as a kind of best practices. An employee who is a specialist in a certain area shares his / her knowledge with colleagues. 25.07.2014 a new presentation of such kind took place. This time the topic of the presentation was SAP Mobile Platform (SMP), which was prepared by a part-programming engineer of Softwerke. This platform is able to connect a big amount of mobile devices with data from different sources with help of one application.  During the presentation the speaker told about history of this platform, ideas which were targeted by its creators and about the possibilities which the platform can give to a developer, administrator and to an ordinary user.  With help of demo application functionality of Hybrid Web Container, tools of applications development and technology of Push Notifications messages usage were shown. Besides that it was told about technologies used in one of the practical projects SMP for proxy connection to REST services and its implementation with Push Notifications by Apple and Google: APNS и GCM.