Results of the contest “Online author”.

122 applications were submitted to the contest, among them 85 were in English language, 25 were in German and 10 were in French. 2 applications came without any language identification. 38 authors fulfilled all the requirements of the contest Policy, which means that they created a course and prepared an explanatory note. Among those we got 19 courses in English, 12 in German and 7 in French.

Here are the winners of the contest:

1 place: Shvalieva Leisan with mini course «Phrasal verbs»

2 place: Terechina Marina with her mini course «Durch den Alltag mit dem Lied»

3 place: Torgovkina Tatyana with her mini course «Histoire et géographie de France»


We got a lot of valuable information about real needs of teachers and language courses authors while the portal is now filled with useful content.

On 18.09 a new release will be issued. The «IT-Deutsch» portal will gain a new name «Lingvomaster». Among the other things, new functionality will make payment for the courses possible in case authors would like to offer their material on paid basis.