Softwerke company founded in 2005 focuses on software development and support for customers in the Russian and foreign markets. In 2006 Softwerke started working at SAP AG (currently renamed to SAP SE) orders, specifically taking part in the projects dedicated to development and support of systems and applications in the web portal technologies area. This cooperation shaped main technological profile of the company (Java Enterprise and web technologies), as well as project management approaches (Agile, Scrum), and software production models (Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery).

Softwerke offers to its customers development services and out-of-the-box solutions based on Adobe Experience Manager, Liferay and SAP Cloud Platform Portal, as well as software for 3D printing.

Being an outsourcing company Softwerke has a good experience in structuring teams of experts and providing services in new (even for itself) technological areas. As an example in 2013-2014 a solution development project in Dynamics AX system was successfully completed for SPH AG Company (Germany).

The name “Softwerke” originates from the English word “Software” and the German one “Werk” (plural: Werke) which means “a factory, plant, enterprise”, that is Software-Werke or shorter Softwerke (coping the structure of English expression “software factory” widely spread in the IT sphere).

Softwerke also provides good career opportunities. The problem of specialists’ lack which is a pressing issue for the majority of Russian IT companies is being successfully solved by means of mutually beneficial partnership with St. Petersburg universities. Undergraduates majoring in IT have an opportunity to do an internship and get a trainee job. Diploma paper topics can be also based on commercial projects carried out in the company.

Starting with the moment of its foundation, Softwerke permanently extends production capabilities and increases the amount and volume of provided services. The number of employees is currently more than 60 specialists (April, 2019).

The company office is located in the business center “Preobrazhenskiy” on Vasilevskiy Island in the historical center of St. Petersburg.